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N-Stearyl 1,3-Propanediamines

Product name: N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines
Chemical name: N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines
Trade brand: BLAMINE DA86
CAS No. 4253-76-3
Formula: C21H46N2
Molecular weight: 326.6033


Iterm Index
Appearance Light yellow slurry
Active content, (%) min 90
Total amine value, (mgKOH/g) 323-355
Moisture, (%) max 0.5
Loading value, (gl2/100g) max 3
Freezing point, (℃) 55-65
Color, (gardner) max 5


N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines is white or light yellow slurry and the purity is over 90%. It is insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and acetic acid.

N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines use 1,3 - propylene amine as raw material, reaction with stearic acid, then through catalytic hydrogenation reduction and made.


1. N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines can be used as asphalt emulsifier, surfactant intermediates.
2. N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines can be used in azo pigment synthesis, to improve the gloss, color intensity, and liquidity.
3. N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines also can be used as lubricant.
Package and storage

Package and storage:

200L drums, 1000L IBC or meeting the request of the customers.
Storage for two years in a shady room and dry place.
Safety protection

Safety protection:

A little smell of almond, no visible stimulation to the skin. When contacted, flush with water.
Wide Range of Application
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