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Alkyl Propane Triamine/Alkyl Propane Tetramine

Polyamines are important derivatives derived from fatty amine products. Due to their structural specificity, these products can be widely used as additives in a variety of industrial processes.

Moreover, since it contains a plurality of reactive amine groups, the polyamine product can continue to be derivatized into multi-branched and polyfunctional group chemicals by reaction with ethylene oxide/propane or chloroacetate.

These multi-functional chemicals play an important role in synergistic and auxiliary effects in the formulation of high effective lubricants, emulsifiers, fungicides and dispersants. Polyamines can be used to produce a variety of products, mainly as synthesis intermediates of nonionic surfactants, asphalt emulsifier, lubricant pigment dispersant.

Alkyl propane diamines are cationic surfactant, the color is yellow to deep beryl liquid with ammonia smell. Organic difunctional alkalis are soluble in crude gasoline, mineral oil, and isopropanol. Alkyl propane diamines can form a strong film on the surface of building materials, textiles and plastics; alkyl propane diamines can be used as a corrosion inhibitor, general gasoline and fuel additives, ore flotation agent, epoxy resin crosslinker. Alkyl propane diamines can be used to make certain amines herbicide, and can also be used as a textile finishing agent, a dispersing agent for inorganic pigments in coatings, and a larvic oil additive.

The main products includes: Dodecyl/Tetradecyl 1,3-propanediamines, N-Cocoalkyl 1,3-propanediamines, N-(hydrogenated tallowalkyl) 1,3-propanediamines, N-tallowalkyl 1,3-propanediamines, N-Stearyl 1,3-propanediamines, N-oleyl 1,3-propanediamines, 1,10-decanediamines, 1,12-dodecanediamines.
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