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Functional Amine

Functional amine products are based on low molecular weight chemicals such as methylamine (including monomethylamine and dimethylamine), acrylonitrile, and ethylene oxide/propane. Combining advanced synthetic routes and versatile reaction units, we have strong competition in the development and price of low molecular weight organic amine products such as methoxypropylamine, dimethylpropylenediamine, and methylethanolamine. The advantages, as well as the development of other functional amine products, have extended the scope of our products to a wider range of areas such as ether amines, polyamines and amido amines.

Functional amine can be used as dye intermediates, polyurethane catalysts, chelating agents, water treatment agents, reaction intermediates, pesticide intermediates, epoxy resin curing agents, corrosion inhibitor, extraction solvent, antistatic agent, desulfurizer, pH buffer, and etc. Functional amine includes: 1,3-propyldiamine, 3-dimethylamino 1-propylamine, 3-methoxy 1-propylamine, cyclopentanamine and so on.
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