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Amine Oxide

Amine oxides are oxides obtained by the oxidation of the corresponding tertiary amine, the direct combination of oxygen and the nitrogen atom in the tertiary amine molecule. Oxygen in the amine oxide molecule has more negative charges and can bind to hydrogen protons. It is a weak base, but alkaline is weaker than the parent tertiary amine. The weakly basic nature of the amine oxide makes it nonionic in neutral and alkaline solutions and cationic in acidic media. It is a multifunctional amphoteric surfactant.

The amine oxide is easily soluble in water and a polar organic solvent and is a weak cationic amphoteric surfactant. The aqueous solution is cationic in acidic conditions and nonionic in alkaline conditions. It has good thickening and antistatic, soft, foaming, foam stabilizing and decontaminating properties.

The amine oxide also has the ability to disinfect bacteria and calcium soap and has good biodegradability. It is an environmentally friendly daily chemical product. In addition to improving the skin feel of the bath, this kind of raw material also has the effect of adjusting the viscosity of the bath gel, foaming power and reducing the irritancy of the active agents of the anion and the cationic, and thus is widely used in soap-based and surfactant-type bath products.

The amine oxide has mild properties and low irritation, and can effectively reduce the irritation of anionic surfactants in detergents. Among them, octadecane oxide is mainly used for shampoo, which makes hair more supple, easy to comb, and lustrous. It is also used in hard surface cleaners such as tableware, washrooms, and exterior walls to thicken, reduce irritation and synergism. Compared with the traditional thickener 6501, it has the characteristics of low dosage, high efficiency, good wet ability, and strong detergency. It also imparts good hand and softness to the laundry.

Dodecyl dimethyl amine oxide is mainly used in various transparent liquid washing liquids, such as dishwashing detergents, bath washes and the like as a foaming and foam stabilizer, which can improve the compatibility and products of thickeners.

Ammonium oxide can also be used as a formulation component of the anti-static agent, silk soaking agent and finishing agent in textile printing and dyeing industry. The main products of amine oxide include lauryl dimethyl amine oxide, dodecyl/tetradecyl dimethyl amine oxide, teterdecyl dimethyl amine oxide, laurylamidopropyl dimethyl amine axide,  cocoamidopropyl dimethylamine oxide, and tallowamidopropyl dimethyl amine oxide.
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